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Entertainity AB's core focus is streamlining processes, developing effective algorithms, and building the technical foundation needed for companies and their products to grow and scale in an effective manor.

Give us a call if you have an interesting project! You can reach us at +46 8 660 62 60.


Entertainity AB has founded one of Sweden's largest social media monitoring services - Lissly.com. Lissly is a subscription service that companies use to monitor what is being said in social media about them and their brands.


The recommendation engine in our community site filmtipset.se is well known to be very precise in predicting how our members will grade movies before they see them, and in finding recommendations for new movies to see, based on what the members have seen before.


The recommendation and community engine is in no way movie-centric; in fact it will work well for any product. Since we started Entertainity AB it has also been used for books in boktipset.se that was sold to Bonnier AB, it's been used as a backend for Mondo, a new site focused on eBooks and audio books, and for a site for wine recommendations.