At Entertainity we have a lot of experience working with video system development, system integration, and video compression. Our current focus is mainly on system development and on workflow automation. We work with everything from open source tools to professional encoding tools. Our goal is always to make things faster, easier, and with better quality for our customers!


Our preferred platform for integrating workflows is Telestream’s Episode platform, but we have experience working with many common platforms as well. We have lots of experience customizing Episode Engine workflows in commercial systems, enabling workflows and possibilities that are not available in the product from the beginning. We enable (and automate) workflows like iPhone streaming, Silverlight Smooth Streaming, safe delivery over SFTP, and automated upload (and reporting) to several different DAM-systems. We also have technology to ingest an RTP-stream straight into Episode Engine for live transcoding into several different formats.

We work with integration of both the Episode version 5 family and the soon to be released Episode 6 family. For the Episode 6 family we have extended the functionality of the product to include event scripts from version 5 work, to enable smoother transition for Episode owners.


At Entertainity we have developed our own set of analysis tools for the media that is to be encoded, or for the output from an encoder. The result of the analysis can either be a pass/fail mechanism with different actions depending on the result of the analysis or much more advanced integration with an encoding system, DAM or other system. Our primary product here is a tool that analyzes the input media, adjusts a configuration for Episode Engine according to the results of the analysis and the submits a job for encoding.

Features that currently can be analyzed include things like automatic letterbox detection (and removal), automatic aspect ration adjustment, and bumper frame removal. The output file can also be verified for size, duration compared to the input files, bitrate and other parameters. Other tools and verifications are developed upon request.


A major strength of Entertainity is creating web-based Digital Asset Management systems. In our DAM-projects we have combined our long and deep knowledge of video-encoding with our vast experience of large scale web development and our own web platform to create superior solutions for companies that need a fast and effective DAM system.

At Entertainity we also work with customized development of video applications. One example of what we have been working with is the integration of decoding the data from a number of live cameras and integrating that video into a simulation environment with a map of the cameras location. All the data was also saved on a timeline enabling synchronized playback at a later time. In this project we worked with the open source tool FFMpeg for the video encoding and decoding, and used a custom format for storing the streaming data on a customized stream server for later access.

Customers and Partners

These are some of the companies we work with in video: